With our VARIO App we want to make digital functions which are relevant for your piano playing as easy to access as possible. In addition, the VARIO digital system is open to third-party applications and supports the exchange and interaction with them in many different ways.

The new VARIO App for iOS & iPadOS

Practice Piano, Record & Share


Go from sound to sound, just wipe.
The sounds of your VARIO can be selected here using a swipe gesture: several electric pianos, harpsichord and of course an authentic C. Bechstein concert grand.


VARIO ready for recording: 1, 2, 3, 4 …
The innovative recorder records your piano playing and is reduced to the essentials – so you get to the First Take with just one tap!


Manage 1,000 songs and more.
The recorder stores virtually unlimited. A convenient song browser helps you sort and archive your music.


A metronome better than the original

The metronome of the VARIO App is as intuitive as the original. Ideal for practice, including complex clock types and patterns.

Sound-selection and musical functions of the VARIO App

The VARIO App was designed and developed to be an organic part of our acoustic instruments.

With Apple‘s mobile operating systems, the 3D user interface unfolds different function blocks as needed, and the app blends seamlessly into the overall impression of your piano, for example with a tablet placed on the piano‘s music desk.

The VARIO App for Android

Coming early 2020

A version for tested Android devices is under development and will be available free of charge in early 2020 to support control functions of the new VARIO.

Independently of the VARIO App, MIDI functions are available under all mobile and desktop operating systems (Windows, macOS, Unix/Linux). So you can already use MIDI functions with any app today.

If you don’t have an iOS device available for initial setup, your C. Bechstein Centrum will be happy to assist you.