The new VARIO digital system for pianos & grand pianos

With the VARIO digital system, your piano becomes more than just “silent”: the C. Bechstein VARIO is a highly integrated addition to your piano or grand piano that values the acoustic instrument, and opens up inspiring digital applications for you.

Use the VARIO digital system to enjoy your piano, either via headphones or use a vast variety of new possibilities via smartphone/ tablet, side by side with the acoustic instrument.

With the VARIO App, available free of charge, you can also discover the world of music in a truly smart way!

100% acoustic instrument + 100% digital possibilities

Experience your piano playing anew. It is child’s play to start with.

Apps for smartphones, tablets or PCs can enhance the experience of playing our acoustic instruments in many ways.

The C. Bechstein VARIO complements the professional, and creative possibilities of your acoustic instrument in a digital way. It also offers you state-of-the-art technology in high-quality acoustic pianos, and grand pianos.

Many technologies – and even more attention to detail.

Contactless, optical measurement.

A completely redesigned and easy-to-install keyboard sensor system captures even the finest nuances in the movements of the keys. This allows you to play in a highly expressive way, and control the dynamics of every single note perfectly.

Bluetooth-MIDI (BLE)

Connect your smartphone, tablet or notebook wirelessly to your piano via Bluetooth. BLE-MIDI (MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy) is available for almost all operating systems from Android to Windows. Discover the world of music with creative apps for learning, playing and composing directly on your acoustic instrument!

Intuitive one-button operation & USB-C

The VARIO digital system is simple to control with just one button. Each push of the button toggles up to four of your preferred sound settings.

Get next-generation connectivity with the built-in USB Type-C interface. With USB-C you can also recharge your smartphone, tablet and even notebooks at high speed (via PD, Power Delivery Standard).

Two headphones for a duet together

The VARIO duet sound module also features a dual headphone amplifier at HiFi level, allowing two players to enjoy the highest sound quality at the same time – ideal for practicing with friends or music teachers. One headphone is included.

For an optimal listening experience

Our headphones were developed especially for the VARIO system. We focused on maximum sound fidelity, the possibility of undisturbed piano playing whilst providing optimum wearing comfort. The system headphones have a semi-open design – a construction that meets all these requirements and allows hours of piano time.

Premium mute rail for pianos & grand pianos

The VARIO digital system’s premium mute rail ensures that the hammers are stopped precisely in front of the strings – so that the acoustic instrument no longer plays through the strings and soundboard.

The natural playability of the acoustic piano is preserved and its precise, unaltered touch sets our mechanical solutions apart from the competition. Because if the playing feel is “right”, it has a direct effect on the overall experience, regardless of whether you are playing digitally or acoustically.

Comes in white too

Headphones and the VARIO front panel control unit are also available in silver/white for white pianos to match the finish of your instrument. Please contact your dealer.