Privacy policy

The website at is run by C. Bechstein Digital GmbH, a company based in Berlin and represented by its management. In the following, we explain the processing of the data automatically generated when you visit this site, as well as your options and rights as regards your privacy when using the site or the apps and software we offer on other platforms.

(Document last updated: March 03, 2021)

Update history

March 2021

Additional information on location sharing (used by third parties) in Android apps.

June 2020
Description of anonymized web analysis added.

May 2020
Happy birthday GDPR! Additions to the paragraph about apps. Note on the serial number as potentially personal data.

January 2020
Deletion of end-customer accounts (superfluous cookies and recorded data).

December 2019
Additions to the paragraph about the temporary recording of employment application data.

October 2019
Restructuring of the website. Elimination of analysis and third-party cookies.

May 2018
Integration of GDPR requirements.

September 2016
Initial version.

In a nutshell.

While you are visiting this website, the system generates technical data, as is often the case when you visit other sites as well. We limit the amount of data thus produced even beyond the minimization principle defined in Art. 5-1c of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Some of these anonymized data serve the purpose of monitoring and optimizing the use of the website, and some are related to security measures. The data are processed locally, so that no personal data is transferred to third parties.

The server that hosts the website is located in a data center in Strasbourg, France, and is operated on our behalf by DomainFactory GmbH, a company based in Ismaning, Germany.

Your IP address is anonymized, or masked, whenever possible. However, the complete IP address is stored temporarily while serving the web pages you request.

We have chosen to dispense with Google tracking services, buttons linking social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and third-party cookies that analyze or track your Internet surfing behavior beyond this website.

Likewise, the apps we develop have no interfaces that track your surfing or establish contact with our systems.

You have the right to receive information on and request correction/deletion of your personal data, especially those you sent us via e-mail.

Don’t hesitate to contact us using the form available here if you have questions about data protection on this website, or when you use our other products. We look forward to hearing from you.

This website is operated by C. Bechstein Digital GmbH, a company with headquarters registered in 10623 Berlin, Germany.

Please contact Oliver Hutz if you have any questions about data processing or privacy issues related to the use of our website or our software products.

Data protection statement

Statement on data protection as required by EU and German laws (GDPR and BDSG/TMG):

This website and the hosting server generate or collect personal data only to the extent technically and legally necessary. We never sell these data or use them for user profiling. Pursuant to Article 9 of the GDPR, we don’t collect any data that are essential to your vital interests.
The following statement provides an overview of how we protect your data and the purposes for which they are generated or collected when you visit this website.

Data processing on this website and server log files

The server that hosts the website doesn’t store any log files related to our site.
Your browser or router usually sends the following information to the server under lease to us in the data center:

  • Date and time of page retrieval or of the use of a site function;
  • Type and version of your browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome version 79.0.3945.88, etc.);
  • Type and version of your operating system (Windows 10, macOS, iPad OS, Android, etc.);
  • Screen resolution or size of the browser window (depending on the browser software you are using);
  • IP address of your computer (personal data).

We can’t identify you on the basis of these data and we wouldn’t do so even if it were to become technically possible. Moreover, the operator of the data center anonymizes the IP addresses in the log files sent to us. We can’t view your IP address and the data center uses it solely within the scope of certain procedures required by law and for security reasons.
We don’t combine these data with any other data that would make user identification possible (for example your name taken from an e-mail you sent to us), nor do we use the above-mentioned data for profiling purposes as defined in the GDPR.

Web analysis software

Web analysis software installed on the server enables us to determine the popularity of our various web pages. The software runs solely on the server, which means that your IP address is not forwarded to third parties. It stores the page calls and assigns anonymized user IDs to them. We use this software with privacy-oriented settings to ensure we have no possibility of viewing nor storing personal data. Moreover, we don’t store any data related to your interaction with our website.

We don’t combine these data with any other data that would make user identification possible (for example your name taken from an e-mail you sent to us), nor do we use the above-mentioned data for profiling purposes as defined in the GDPR.

The web analysis software takes into account the Don’t Track setting in your browser, if it is activated.

Use of the contact form

A contact form with various personal data (name, e-mail address, serial numbers of your piano and VARIO system) is available on several pages on our website. We store and process these data solely for the purpose of answering your questions.

Your personal data are processed using state-of-the-art technology and your inquiry is transferred to those staff members best able to provide you with answers. We delete these data upon conclusion of the communication, or three months after receipt, whichever comes first.

Personal data sent in the context of an employment application are stored only until the application deadline or, if no deadline is specified, for the time required to process said application. We delete these data no later than six months after receipt, unless you authorize us to store them indefinitely.

No personal data in our apps

We don’t collect any personal data when you use apps or other products offered by C. Bechstein Digital GmbH. Likewise, we don’t use any third-party code that would enable tracking or analysis of your behavior while visiting our website.

However, the provider of the mobile operating system that you use (Apple or Google) records data when you download their apps, when you run them, and possibly when they crash. Please also note that some of these data are made available to us in anonymized form.

No location sharing in our apps.

The VARIO app on Android requires location sharing for establishing a MIDI connection over Bluetooth. This is a prerequisite of the Android operating system, over which we have no influence as software developers.

Theoretically, it would be possible to determine your location from various Bluetooth parameters (similar to cell tower triangulation in mobile phone networks). Please note, however, that the VARIO app doesn’t send us any location data, nor, as mentioned above, any other data.

Right to information, deletion and blocking

You have the right to request information about any personal data we might have stored, about their origin and any transfer, as well as about the purpose of their processing. In addition, you may request the correction, deletion or blocking of such data, provided they are still available.

If you have read this privacy policy up to this point, you will have noticed that we are serious about data privacy.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the processing of your personal or other data. Please don’t hesitate to contact us using this link if this privacy policy has left any questions unanswered, if you think we might have forgotten something, or if you simply want more detailed information.