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KEYS Review

We received another great review of the Bechstein Digital Grand. This time from renowned Keys Magazine Germany. Their verdict: “Their Bechstein Digital Grand takes C. Bechstein straight into the league of reference products in the realm of sampled pianos.”

File size: how big is the library?

The file size on your hard disc / SSD is about 26 Gigabytes. It is compressed with a very effective, “magic” (and lossless!) audio compression algorithm from Native Instruments. Kontakt / Kontakt player de-compresses the samples on the fly with very less CPU usage. BTW, the original file size was about 80 GB.

Performance Tip: CPU overload protection

One of the most effective settings in KONTAKT / KONTAKT Player: have a look at KONTAKT’s OPTIONS-Panel -> Engine-Tab -> CPU overload protection. Set it to relaxed if it was set to disabled before:

Performance Tip: adjust number of maximum voices

We actually do not limit the number of maximum voices in the C. Bechstein Digital Grand by default. It´s set to 500 in the version 1.0 NKI´s. Please adjust the maximum numbers of voices to, let´s say, 150-200 to avoid a too high CPU usage.  (Side note: in many other libraries, this number is either […]

Optimize Playability with DYNAMIC RESPONSE

The Digital Grand offers up to 26 layered samples per key and a very high dynamic range that is up to 10dB more than on many other libraries we’ve tested. This makes the Digital Grand an outstanding tool for your arranging and post-production tasks – but it´s on the other hand not too easy to […]

Does the Digital Grand support half pedal?

Yes, the Digital Grand supports Half-Pedaling with corresponding Controller-Pedals. BTW, you can see this in our Overview-Video: The Digital Grand shows the position of the pedal in a bar on the right side.