100% acoustic instrument + 100% digital possibilities

Background information on the VARIO digital system

For a good understanding of the many possibilities of the new VARIO, it is helpful to take a look at the basic ideas and concepts behind the system:

The system is based on a comprehensive concept of creative and musical possibilities. And a product that we have designed and built with the intention to meet the special experience of playing your C. Bechstein instrument also on the digital level.

You may already be familiar with the basic technologies: a sensor system translates the movements of the keys and pedals during the playing into an electrical signal, which can then be played by a digital sound device (the sound module of the VARIO system or an app) via headphones.

A mute bar, customized for each instrument, also silences the acoustic sound of your piano so you can play for yourself when you need to.

With an extensive connectivity and a consistent integration to the possibilities of mobile devices, as well as a modular architecture throughout, the new VARIO digital system starts where many other “silent solutions” stop:

Experience More With The Instrument

We believe in the additional creative value of modern and high-quality music software. Well-made “apps” can add many more facets to the experience of playing our acoustic instruments.

With our VARIO App we want to make digital functions which are relevant for your piano playing as easy to access as possible. In addition, the VARIO digital system is open to third-party applications and supports the exchange and interaction with them in many different ways.

Flexible Connectivity

The described “experience more” is also made possible by connecting mobile devices that you are very likely to have already in your household: Smartphones, tablets or laptops.

In order to be able to use as many different devices as possible today and in the future, the VARIO digital system supports the USB-C standard. In addition, so-called MIDI connections can also be established wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Easy to use

Despite all enthusiasm for technical-creative solutions, the use of day-to-day basic functions must be as simple and convenient as possible.

Therefore, you can use the VARIO digital system very quickly right after power-up and control the most important things with just two controls – even without apps or connected devices.