Technical Data

C. Bechstein VARIO duet

General information
Operation 1-button user interface, volume control, app for smartphones & tablets
User Presets / Favorites 4, selectable via app and button
Silent function Hammer stop bar, activated via Bowden cable
Sensor System Keyboard Optical, contactless, continuous detection
Sensor System Pedals Optical, contactless, continuous detection
App functions (iOS & iPadOS, main functions)
Calibration Calibration of the sensor system
Dynamic adjustment / Velocity curve Flexible setting options for conversion into MIDI note ON velocity, 5 zones (keyboard ranges)
Recording function 2-track sequencer, virtually unlimited capacity
Sharing music Share via email, messages, cloud services, etc.;
MIDI & Audio
Metronome Flexible setting options, freely selectable clock types, multiple sounds
Software update VARIO App via App Store Firmware update via App
Sound generation Sampling
Source of the main sound C. Bechstein Concert D 282
Number of sounds 19
Polyphony 256
Pedal sounds Yes, adjustable
Key noises Yes, adjustable
Release samples Yes, adjustable
Sympathetic String Resonance Yes, adjustable
Sympathetic Damper Resonance Yes, adjustable
Una Corda Yes
Sostenuto Yes
Forte pedal half position Yes
Tuning / Tuning +/- 100 Cent
Transpose +/- 24 semitones
Hall (Reverb) Small room, piano hall, concert hall
Echo Tempo (metronome) dependent delay
Equalizer 4-band fully parametric
Bluetooth Bluetooth-MIDI via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Single Mode, practical usable range approx. 15 m
USB Type-C USB 3.0, USB-MIDI PD (Power Device Management; support for power supply of connected devices)
Audio, headphone jacks 2x 6.3 mm (jack, stereo)
Audio Outputs 2x Cinch (L/R), -10 dBV
Audio Inputs / AUX In 2x Cinch (L/R), -10 dBV
Power supply unit / power supply
Input voltage power supply unit 110-240 V
Power consumption 6.3 W in normal operation (plus connected devices if required, see below)
Optional power supply for connected mobile devices 5 V / 0.9 A, 9 V / 1 A, 15 V / 1 A, 20 V / 2.5 A
Standby 0,285 W
Energy saving / Auto-Power-Off Yes
Dimensions (mm) Front modules side by side 190 x 190 x 27 mm
Package contents Power adapter, power cord, headphones (incl. cable and adapter), display stand, manual