System requirements and recommendations


A Mac or PC, not older than about 4 years

The C. Bechstein Digital Grand was designed with highest demands on sound quality and a flexible sound design.

We have tested the C. Bechstein Digital Grand very practically in all common DAW systems (Intel i5 / i7 or similar, with 8GB memory, built-in or via USB 3 connected SSD, Windows and macOS) from year of 2012/2013.

As described, in-part up to over 1,200 parameters come together fast for the innovative STRING EQ. Coupled with high polyphony here, also highly performant systems today, status 2017 – may reach their limits. However, please note that KONTAKT also provides many useful settings that counteract any performance bottlenecks.

For use on older systems we offer “ECO presets” with less processor-heavy preferences. Of course, the Digital Grand can be used with all its highest quality features in offline mode (also known as “bounce”, “freeze”, etc.).

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