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Digital Grand Update 1.1.0

Happy Birthday C. Bechstein Digital Grand – a year ago, we introduced our first grand piano for Mac & PC with the Digital Grand. The sample library for Native Instruments´ KONTAKT serves as a reference as regards sound quality and richness in detail. With Version 1.1, a first and comprehensive update for the C. Bechstein Digital Grand […]

Library Activation with Native Access

With the latest versions of Native Instruments’ KONTAKT, the Digital Grand can now be activated via the Native Access software. In this video, the NI support team will show you what to consider:

KEYS Review

We received another great review of the Bechstein Digital Grand. This time from renowned Keys Magazine Germany. Their verdict: “Their Bechstein Digital Grand takes C. Bechstein straight into the league of reference products in the realm of sampled pianos.”

File size: how big is the library?

The file size on your hard disc / SSD is about 26 Gigabytes. It is compressed with a very effective, “magic” (and lossless!) audio compression algorithm from Native Instruments. Kontakt / Kontakt player de-compresses the samples on the fly with very less CPU usage. BTW, the original file size was about 80 GB.

Performance Tip: CPU overload protection

One of the most effective settings in KONTAKT / KONTAKT Player: have a look at KONTAKT’s OPTIONS-Panel -> Engine-Tab -> CPU overload protection. Set it to relaxed if it was set to disabled before:

Performance Tip: adjust number of maximum voices

We actually do not limit the number of maximum voices in the C. Bechstein Digital Grand by default. It´s set to 500 in the version 1.0 NKI´s. Please adjust the maximum numbers of voices to, let´s say, 150-200 to avoid a too high CPU usage.  (Side note: in many other libraries, this number is either […]

Optimize Playability with DYNAMIC RESPONSE

The Digital Grand offers up to 26 layered samples per key and a very high dynamic range that is up to 10dB more than on many other libraries we’ve tested. This makes the Digital Grand an outstanding tool for your arranging and post-production tasks – but it´s on the other hand not too easy to […]