With version 1.2, C. Bechstein introduces the second major update for the Digital Grand on PCs and Macs. The update of the sample library, developed with great attention to detail, scores with new tonal possibilities and also brings improvements in playing with half-pedal.

This is the list of changes in version 1.2.0:


  • The pedal noise when releasing the hold pedal (CC64) will not be heard until the pedal is released completely.
  • An error using the Sustenuto pedal (CC66) has been fixed.

News and optimizations:

  • New TOP and SIDE instruments with adjusted sample starting points (SP). With these instruments, the starting points of all samples have been shifted in such a way that an improved touch behavior results during playing. The resulting phase shift also allows tonal alternatives when combining instruments (e.g. with multis).
  • 10 new MULTIS give an impression of the sound possibilities that result from the combination of different microphone signals. MULTIS marked SP use the new starting point adapted instruments.
  • When playing with sympathetic resonances, chords can now also resonate. With the newly added POLY button you can switch between both operating modes. Use monophonic resonances to save resources, or turn the volume to zero to not use the function at all.
  • The sound of sympathetic resonances has been improved.
  • A Silent Key function has been added: when MIDI notes with a velocity of 1 arrive, only key noises are heard (if they are active under DETAILS).
  • Improvements have been made for playing with half-pedal position. The end of notes is now extended depending on the threshold and starts at about 2/3 of the set value.
  • The Digital Grand 1.2.0 requires KONTAKT Version 5.8.1 and is compatible with KONTAKT Version 6.0.

Info for our existing customers: the latest download of the Digital Grand can be found in your customer account: https://www.bechstein-digital.com/my-account/.

The owners manual has also been updated. You can download the latest manual here.

The serial number of version 1.0.0 is still valid.

In update 1.2.0 of the Digital Grand no changes were made to the 25 GB sample data. Therefore we offer here the changed files (new NKI patches, new multis, new manual, etc.) for download.

This will take you to the new Digital Grand in 4 simple steps:

  1. Download the file Digital_Grand_v120_Updated_Files.zip completely from your customer account (https://www.bechstein-digital.com/my-account/) (approx. 80.9 MB). Unzip it afterwards – under Windows and macOS simply by double-clicking.
  1. Move the unzipped directory Digital Grand 1.2.0 next to the same folder in which the folder of the previous version is already located.
  1. Now copy only the samples from the previous version 1.1.0:
    Change into the directory Digital Grand 1.1.0 / Samples. Select and copy all (14) files of type .nkx  (Windows: CTRL+C / macOS: command+C) …
  1. Navigate to the new folder Digital Grand 1.2.0 / Samples, and insert the 14 files there (Windows: CTRL+V / macOS: command+V).

A few more tips:

If necessary, the .nkx files (25.4 GB) of version 1.1.0 which are now available in copy, can be deleted. If you have created your own NKI instruments, multis or snapshots, we recommend that you also move them to the corresponding folders in version 1.2.0. In this case you can delete the entire folder of the previous version 1.1.0 as well.

Happy Birthday C. Bechstein Digital Grand – a year ago, we introduced our first grand piano for Mac & PC with the Digital Grand. The sample library for Native Instruments´ KONTAKT serves as a reference as regards sound quality and richness in detail.

With Version 1.1, a first and comprehensive update for the C. Bechstein Digital Grand will be available from today. In addition to a general increase in performance, the update also provides a series of innovations and optimisations. Thus, the scope of the string resonances was extended and the threshold value for continuously working MIDI sustain pedals can now be set individually. Additionally, new snapshots are provided and multi-instruments used for the first time: in which several microphone signals are phase-aligned  and can be mixed by the user as desired.

You can find all the details in our Release Notes here:


  • The automation in ABLETON LIVE no longer regulates all parameters simultaneously (referred to host automation ID #511).
  • The parameter CHARACTER is now displayed consistently with the graphical user interface in the displays for the Native Instruments KOMPLETE keyboards.
  • An error which hindered that the pedal functions “Sustain volume” and “Una corda intensity” could not be automated with individual controller numbers was rectified.
  • When playing with sympathetic overtones turned ON, some voices were not like the acoustic role model – this was rectified and the behaviour optimised (see below).

News and optimisation:

  • Several features were optimised, considerably reducing the number of voices actually required (polyphony). This means that the DIGITAL GRAND now runs on several computers without disturbing dropouts and with a lower CPU load.
  • A new snapshot, START HERE, which includes several resource saving basic settings, was added.
  • The pre-set maximum number of voices available was reduced, taking several PC systems into account. You can easily adjust this setting to the actual performance capability of your PC yourself (see Digital Grand manual page 24).
  • The volume of the key noises, dampers and pedals was slightly reduced in all snapshots.
  • The keyboard range which generates sympathetic overtones when playing was extended.
  • The threshold value for sustain pedals which can provide continuous data (“half pedal”) on CC#64 can now be adapted using a slider.
  • The threshold value described above is now set more tolerant, enabling the foot to rest lightly on the pedal whilst playing without increasing the voice burden.
  • A multi (Power Piano.nkm) was added, which demonstrates the options of the combination of all three microphone signals – Player, Side and Top. Moreover, snapshots with sensible presets for such tonal layers were stored in the Snapshots’ “Utilities” folder. 
  • The manual was updated and also incorporates an installation description of the new Native Instruments “Native Access” tool.
  • The manual is now incorporated into the (.ISO) download and no longer needs to be loaded separately.
  • Our new KONTAKT library “Digital Grand Essentials” is available to all purchasers of the Digital Grand free of charge – we would like to wish you a lot of pleasure with the product!

Info for our existing customers: You will find the current download of the Digital Grand in your customer account under Downloads: https://www.bechstein-digital.com/my-account/downloads/. If the link is not listed there, please contact us (contact).

The serial number of version 1.0.0 still applies. You can find the activation code for Native Instruments’ Native Access under the Orders tab.